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angry iconUnited Airlines Passenger Accused of Groping Teen Girl While She Slept
3 August 2017 23:30 - foxnews.com - angry 79%
A doctor has been charged with groping a 16-year-old girl who was seated beside him on a United flight to Newark Liberty International Airport.

angry iconPassenger allegedly gropes teenage girl on United flight
2 August 2017 19:28 - abcnews.com - angry 70%
16-year-old United Airlines passenger left "traumatized" after 28-year-old man allegedly groped her mid-flight, lawyer tells ABC News.

angry iconUnited Airlines blamed for 5-year-old dog's death
8 August 2017 03:00 - foxnews.com - angry 63%
In a report to an ABC affiliate, the family said their dog was in the cargo hold of the plane when the flight was delayed and held on the tarmac for two hours before taking off to San Francisco.

angry iconAmericans are losing faith in big business
11 August 2017 05:28 - theeconomist.com - angry 58%
Wells Fargo created millions of accounts, yet in the three months to June profits rose by 5%. In April an United Airlines passenger was assaulted, causing an outcry. The airline's underlying profits later rose by 5%

angry iconFormer United Airlines employee countersues elderly man he allegedly pushed
9 August 2017 23:53 - nbcnews.com - angry 54%
A former employee, who lost his job following the incident, is countersuing the 71-year-old, saying he's the victim in the whole ordeal.

angry iconDog dies on United flight after long delay, family says
8 August 2017 13:15 - abcnews.com - angry 53%
A Texas family claims their dog died on Sunday while in the cargo hold of a United Airlines jet that was delayed on a Houston tarmac for two hours.

angry iconShe ran towards the cockpit screaming.
24 July 2017 22:45 - dailymail.com - angry 41%
United Airlines passengers take down 'psychotic' female passenger

angry iconRIP Simon.
26 July 2017 17:52 - telegraph.co.uk.com - angry 35%
United Airlines sued over death of giant rabbit

angry iconIowa Group Sues United Over Death of Giant Rabbit, Simon
26 July 2017 19:30 - newsmax.com - angry 33%
A group of Iowa businessmen filed a lawsuit Wednesday against United Airlines over the death of a giant rabbit after a flight from London to Chicago.

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