Our Products

Our goal is to make the Internet more emotionally transparent. We have the first two products in place already, but they are just the beginning. We are working hard to develop the other ideas.

Angry Blocker

Ad blockers block ads. The Angry Blocker blocks angry web pages. It is a Google Chrome Extension. Read about and download Angry Blocker here.

Emotional Web

We have the very ambitious plan of giving an emotional label to every single page on the Internet. The seed of this emotional web is available on our home page. You can analyse a URL to see the emotional break down based on the page title and description. Every time you do this, an entry gets added to our database. Or you can search or just browse and discover pages already in our database.

Brand Safety

We can help protect your brand using emotional targeting. We can analyse the emotional content of web pages and make sure that your ads to not appear on extremist or emotionally inappropriate web pages.

Social Listening

Many social listening companies provide sentiment analysis of tweets, Facebook posts and reviews. But sentiment analysis only tells you if a tweet was positive or negative. We can analyse for 5 different emotions. This is important. For example, there's a big difference between a customer who says "Poor service again" and "Terrible service, I'm gong to cancel my account!" The first is sad, the second is angry. Although companies aim to keep all customers happy, they could prioritise angry ones before they cancel their accounts.

Algorithmic Trading

At present many existing trading algorithms incorporate the latest news using sentiment analysis tools like Reuters News Analytics. This can work well for detecting negative news which leads to stock prices going down. But not all negative news is so negative and using our emotion analysis we can differentiate real negative news from funny negative news. For example there was a marketing "disaster" for JCPenney in 2013 when they advertised an unfortunate looking kettle. JCPenney stock went down on that news but recovered very soon. On the other hand the April 2017 news involving United Airlines was really sad and we can tell that its stock will not recover soon. Very simple strategies can be implemented based on these sort of insights.

Emotional Text-To-Speech

Even the most expensive Virtual Assistants like Siri sound like robots. We can help virtual assistants to read text with emotions. We can analyse a poem and estimate the reader's emotional reaction after every word. The TTS engine can then modulate the voice to subtly sound happy, sad, angry, etc as needed.

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