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love iconAbsolutely heartwarming!
21 October 2017 17:30 - dailymail.com - love 94%
Grandparents have the sweetest routine with granddaughter

love iconwhat a cutie.
22 October 2017 03:00 - huffingtonpost.com - love 93%
Stray Dog Crashes A Wedding And Finds His Own Happily Ever After

love iconChance The Rapper's Heart-Melting Moment With His Daughter | H...
21 October 2017 01:15 - huffingtonpost.com - love 92%
Chance the Rapper is brought to tears when he unboxes his Grammys with his 2 year old daughter Kensli.

love iconThe Power in Writing About Yourself
21 October 2017 04:52 - theatlantic.com - love 92%
You can look back at your responses, remembering the good things and feeling nostalgic, or remembering the bad and feeling resilient. (from 2014)

love iconJason Aldean releases 'I Won't Back Down' for charity
21 October 2017 11:13 - abcnews.com - love 92%
Jason Aldean releases moving rendition of 'I Won't Back Down' for charity to help victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

love iconBarack Obama's Lesson In The Lost Art of The Love Letter
21 October 2017 17:01 - thedailybeast.com - love 92%
Beyond giving us insight into the collegiate mind of our 44th president, Obama's letters are a tribute to the art of letter writing.

love iconJLo is partnering with Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF to raise funds for Puerto Rico
21 October 2017 04:00 - nbcnews.com - love 91%
Jennifer Lopez is partnering with Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF in an effort to raise funds for Puerto Rico. via NBC Latino

love iconHow Amber Rose Became an Unlikely Icon for Feminism
21 October 2017 14:00 - enews.com - love 91%
Amber Rose has one very important lesson for her four-year-old son Sebastian: "I raise my son to be a feminist and the definition of feminism is just equality. That's really all it is. I never want him to put women down or make them feel inferior. "

love iconBethany Hamilton's Son Helps Her Give Pregnancy Update in the Cutest Way
21 October 2017 16:24 - enews.com - love 91%
Bethany Hamilton's son Tobias is already bonding with his future brother or sister.

love iconHoda Kotb & Jessie James Decker Get Candid on Motherhood
21 October 2017 02:47 - enews.com - love 90%
Motherhood isn't all cute photos and sweet family moments: Jessie James Decker and Hoda Kotb talk the realities of being a mom, including bloody nipples.

love iconAccess Books Revives Libraries in Book Deserts
21 October 2017 15:47 - pbs.com - love 89%
Access Books refurbishes the libraries of underfunded public schools, providing engaging books and an inviting space for kids to explore and read. (From Rewire)

love icon"I speak for the folks right here when I say, 'we really...
22 October 2017 01:42 - foxnews.com - love 89%
"I speak for the folks right here when I say, 'we really admire and love George H. W. Bush.'" During the One America Appeal benefit concert, former President George H. W. Bush received a standing ovation from the crowd after getting a shout-out from his son, former President George W. Bush.

love iconBest news ever! Jimmy Kimmel's 6-month-old son is happy and healthy!
22 October 2017 03:50 - enews.com - love 89%
Jimmy Kimmel Shares ''Healthy, Happy'' Photo of 6-Month-Old Son Billy

love icon1. Listen to music from the happiest time in your life.
21 October 2017 04:00 - time.com - love 88%
The 5 Habits That Will Make You Happy, According to Science

love iconA Kansas school bus driver wants students to feel good about...
21 October 2017 09:00 - foxnews.com - love 88%
A Kansas school bus driver wants students to feel good about themselves, so she packs her bus with decorations. Right now it's dressed up for Halloween and will also be adorned for Christmas.

love iconFour Decades of Springsteen in Pictures
21 October 2017 10:25 - nytimes.com - love 88%
"His pictures captured the people I was writing about in my songs and showed me the part of me that was still one of them." — Bruce Springsteen, in his 2016 memoir, "Born to Run."

love icon Get excited, RuPaul's Drag Race fans!!!
21 October 2017 14:58 - huffingtonpost.com - love 88%
Get Your First Look At The Queens Competing On 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' Season 3

love iconModelling debut for boy with Down's syndrome
21 October 2017 15:37 - bbcnews.com - love 88%
"It's really good. I had to pose, we had our hair and make-up done and I wore magic shiny shoes."

love iconPeer pressure helps.
21 October 2017 15:30 - time.com - love 88%
How to Motivate Yourself: 3 Steps Backed By Science

love iconAngelina Jolie and her eldest girls had a girls' night out!
21 October 2017 17:01 - enews.com - love 88%
Angelina Jolie Brings Daughters Shiloh and Zahara to Breadwinner Premiere

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