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haha iconMan carrying sign hilariously battles wind as onlookers laugh
22 October 2017 00:00 - accuweather.com - laughter
A man was just trying to bring a sign back to his building in Ontario, but was having a hard time as the winds were very strong on October 18.

haha iconCringe
21 October 2017 10:21 - theindependent.com - laughter
Donald Trump Jr just shared the most embarrassing picture of his dad

haha iconUseless fugitive caught by police after his feet are caught...
21 October 2017 11:45 - dailymail.com - laughter
Useless fugitive caught by police after his feet are caught poking out of a bucket

haha icon"Tweeting is like a typewriter," Trump told Bartiromo.
21 October 2017 00:31 - washingtonpost.com - laughter
'Bing, bing, bing': Trump reveals his thinking behind firing off all those tweets

haha iconYES.
21 October 2017 03:30 - huffingtonpost.com - laughter
The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week

haha icon
21 October 2017 12:00 - huffingtonpost.com - laughter
The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week

haha icon'Go ahead and pinch me!'
21 October 2017 05:55 - rtnews.com - laughter
Putin proves he's real to bemused student (VIDEO)

haha iconThese guys tipped their servers $200 and their reactions are p...
21 October 2017 10:00 - dailymail.com - laughter
These guys tipped their servers $200 and their reactions are priceless

haha iconThe poor cat is just trying to catch some Z's.
21 October 2017 16:30 - time.com - laughter
Monkey Is Completely Obsessed With a Poor Cat That's Just Trying to Nap

haha iconTheir reactions are priceless.
22 October 2017 00:30 - time.com - laughter
Watch Driving Instructors Get Pranked by a Pro Racer

haha iconShe kindly explained that her name should sound 'Ah-durn'
21 October 2017 23:35 - rtnews.com - laughter
Journo calls to check new Kiwi PM's name, stunned when put through to her

haha iconDelusional Nancy Pelosi Says Her Party Is NOT Fractured
21 October 2017 01:47 - dailycaller.com - laughter
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi inexplicably claimed there is no "fracture" in the Democratic Party, even as many of its members call for her to step down.

haha iconMind. Blown.
21 October 2017 05:00 - huffingtonpost.com - laughter
KFC Is Only Following 11 People On Twitter For A Totally Genius Reason

haha iconCall it speed dating.
21 October 2017 14:30 - time.com - laughter
Female Stunt Driver Pranks Dates With Mad Driving Skills

haha iconRyan's friends flee as frustration with Trump grows
21 October 2017 15:20 - politico.com - laughter
A flurry of House GOP retirements could make the speaker's job even harder.

haha iconFirst of all...
21 October 2017 22:21 - theindependent.com - laughter
There's a hilarious new online meme that's going to get real old, real quick

haha iconSpoiler alert: They hated it (and weren't afraid to say so).
22 October 2017 00:33 - chroncom.com - laughter
Hilarious meme reactions to Justin Bieber's new full-torso tattoo

haha icon... And the Internet is mercilessly making fun of him for it
22 October 2017 04:00 - dailymail.com - laughter
Trump Jr. posts bizarre photo of his father depicted as superhero

haha icon'The Snowman' Is the Most Unintentionally Hilarious Movie of the Year
21 October 2017 12:15 - thedailybeast.com - laughter
The Snowman will have you laughing out loud... for all the wrong reasons.

haha icon23 Funny Tweets That Will Ring True To Anyone Who's Been Married
22 October 2017 01:00 - huffingtonpost.com - laughter
Just a friendly reminder that marriage doesn't need to be taken so seriously all the time.

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