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haha icon"Not too bright!"
22 August 2017 02:15 - telegraph.co.uk.com - haha 84%
Donald Trump mocked for looking directly at sun during solar eclipse

haha iconDesperate times call for desperate measures:
22 August 2017 15:08 - espn.com - haha 83%
English Soccer Team Makes Hilarious Sub In FA Cup Qualifying

haha iconTrevor Noah said Melania Trump had "two whole minutes of darkness" to escape.
22 August 2017 08:16 - usatoday.com - haha 82%
Trevor Noah jokes the eclipse was an opportune time for Melania Trump 'to escape'

haha iconGerman police confiscate thousands of Trump-shaped ecstasy pills
22 August 2017 09:33 - usatoday.com - haha 82%
Carrot-colored ecstasy pills made in the likeness of Trump's head were confiscated during a traffic stop in Germany.

haha iconTrump Stares At Sun, Gets Burned By 'The Daily Show'
22 August 2017 11:00 - time.com - haha 82%
Trevor Noah has an amusing theory on why Trump seemed to stare directly at the sun.

haha icon"Once he goes upstairs, there's no managing him."
22 August 2017 18:30 - yahoonews.com - haha 82%
Writer compiles epic 71-tweet thread of people talking about Trump as if he were a toddler

haha iconSeriously?
22 August 2017 07:21 - theindependent.com - haha 80%
Donald Trump looked directly at the sun, and everyone's making the same joke

haha iconThis grandma's prank goes hilariously wrong!
22 August 2017 09:16 - dailymail.com - haha 80%
This grandma's prank goes hilariously wrong!

haha iconGermany's orange ecstasy pills have Trump's name — and face — all over them
23 August 2017 06:00 - washingtonpost.com - haha 80%
The pills don't bear the phrase "Make America Great Again," but they do happen to be a deep shade of orange.

haha iconWhy this man's hilarious vacation photo is going viral
23 August 2017 02:10 - yahoonews.com - haha 79%
"spent 10 seconds trying to spot it…was not disappointed."

haha iconFunny money at the fringe.
22 August 2017 01:20 - theguardian.com - haha 78%
Ken Cheng's pound coin gag voted Edinburgh fringe's funniest joke

haha iconMother Nature always wins.
22 August 2017 03:10 - usatoday.com - haha 78%
10 funniest solar eclipse memes, jokes on the Internet

haha iconIt's dogzilla!
23 August 2017 02:30 - dailymail.com - haha 78%
Owners share hilarious photos of their oversized dogs

haha iconFox News anchor's snarky eclipse coverage
22 August 2017 17:50 - yahoonews.com - haha 77%
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith's snarky solar eclipse coverage is really something to behold.

haha iconThe writer of the Edinburgh Festival's funniest joke
22 August 2017 04:01 - skynews.com - haha 76%
"I'm not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change". We speak to the man behind the Edinburgh Festival's funniest joke

haha iconTrump claims media cameras are being turned off
22 August 2017 22:12 - cnn.com - haha 76%
While being broadcast live on camera, President Donald J. Trump claims media cameras are being turned off.

haha icon'Not too bright'
22 August 2017 03:00 - theguardian.com - haha 75%
Trump trolled for staring at the eclipse with no eye protection

haha iconAnalysis | Trump's own pollster just confirmed his base is cracking
22 August 2017 13:15 - washingtonpost.com - haha 75%
In trying to defend low poll numbers, Trump's pollster left a lot to be desired.

haha iconAgainst his instincts, Trump makes Afghanistan war his own.
22 August 2017 22:20 - latimes.com - haha 75%
Against his instincts, Trump makes Afghanistan war his own. David Horsey's latest cartoon.

haha iconThe moment Donald Trump is warned not to look directly at the sun
22 August 2017 02:00 - theguardian.com - haha 74%
"Don't look!" The president, Donald J. Trump, had to be cautioned against looking directly at the sun during the solar eclipse in the US.

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