About Us

Emotions.Tech is the first project of EMRAYS Technologies Ltd.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help make the Internet more emotionally transparent. We feel that anger is over represented on the Internet. Driven by the phenomenom of filter bubbles, people's angry views are easily reinforced and amplified. If people were aware in advance of the emotional content of a link or post or comment, they could better monitor and manage their own emotional response to what they are reading.

Our Partners

In March 2017 we were approved to join the Nvidia Inception program, a business incubator which helps startups using machine learning on Nvidia graphics cards.

Read a blog post about us on nvidia.com:
Psycho-Surfing: Startup Brings Artificial Emotional Intelligence to the Web

We are working with the independent no-tracking search engine Mojeek to add emotions to their search results. Mojeek has crawled well over a billion pages, making it one of the largest English search indices in the world.

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